Brilliant white enamel

What is Actilux®?

Actilux® is the patented technology that whitens teeth naturally using light. Actilux® microcrystals bind to tooth enamel to create an invisible, protective barrier that reacts to both natural and artificial light, activating and breaking down stains, thereby whitening teeth, day after day, every time you smile.

How does Actilux® work?

Light is what powers BlanX White Shock

Every day, organic molecules responsible for dirt, discolouration, odours, pollution and bacterial membranes attack your teeth.

The Actilux® crystals are activated by the light, producing positive and negative charges, thereby forming free radicals that are harmless to the body but attack the organic molecules responsible for dirt.

Day after day, every time you smile, your teeth will whiten and regain their natural colour thanks to the combined action of light and Actilux®.


Efficacy Tested

After a study carried out on 60 subjects in different contexts and with different treatments, the LED light treatment proved to be the most effective: an improvement of up to 3-4 shades of white from your initial colour can be achieved. The efficacy is immediate after just one 20-minute treatment. The month-long treatment during which the toothpaste is only activated by natural light has a more than positive outcome. The whitening is gradual, yet visible.


The more light your teeth get, the more your smile lights up