Blanx White Shock Pen Gel


BlanX White Shock®
Pen Whitening Gel

White teeth from the very first use with the light of Blanx White Shock!


BlanX Pen is the whitening treatment, with soft-touch applicator, to take with you to give a glamorous touch to your smile at all times. Thanks to the exclusive BlanX White Shock formula with the patented ActiluX® active ingredient, BlanX Pen activates with light and whiten teeth at every smile throughout the day. BlanX Pen is practical and safe on tooth enamel and gums. In addition, Blue Formula immediately works with a temporary whitening optical effect.

Mode of use:1. Apply gel on enamel teeth
2. Rinse it
3. Glam Smile!

For optimal results, do not alternate BlanX White Shock with other toothpastes.