BlanX White Shock® Protect


BlanX White Shock®
White & Protect

Toothpaste with LED accelerator for a more intense whitening action.


BlanX White Shock White&Protect is the toothpaste with continuousand long lasting whitening effect.

Visible effect from the very first use.The use of the BlanX Led intensifies the ANTIBACTERIAL and HYGIENEACTION of the White Shock formula.Take the BlanX LED out of the box and screw it onto the tube. At thispoint a blue LED light will shine out of the tube, activating immediately theActiluX®. The light will continue to activate the toothpaste while it is beingplaced on the toothbrush.

Use the LED light even directly on your teeth.ActiluX® reacts to light, helping to remove bacteria that causes plaque. Remember: the more light the ActiluX® receives, the more intense thewhitening action!

The BlanX LED is reusable! Keep the BlanX LED onto the tube until thetoothpaste finishes. When you finish the 50ml tube, unscrew and keep the BlanXLED aside.

Use BlanX White Shock INSTANT WHITE 75 ml as a refill with BlanXLED. The action of BlanX LED light is guaranteed only with BlanX White ShockBlue Formula products and it isn’t harmful to the eyes.