Blanx White Shock® Mouthwash Instant White 500ml


Blanx White Shock® Mouthwash
Instant White

Whitening mouthwash activated by light
with cool mint


Actilux® and Zinc PCA based mouthwash that whitens light immediately!

BlanX® laboratories present BlanX White Shock formula, a complete range of teeth whitening products with Actilux®, for a white and healthy smile. Actilux® and Zinc PCA binds to the teeth to remove bacteria, offering cleanliness and a bright white smile immediately*.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before use. Use BlanX White Shock Mounthwash twice a day for 30 second using the cap as a dispenser. Do not swallow. This product can stain fabrics.

After use boost the action of BlanX White Shock Mounthwash with either the BlanX LED or BlanX LED Bite from the BlanX White Shock toothpaste and treatment range.

*Temporarily optical effect