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All the secrets of BlanX LED accelerator


How does the LED accelerator work?


The LED Accelerator is a precious accessory. To ensure a correct and efficient usage we suggest you:

  1. Do not screw the LED too tightly onto the tube.
  2. After each use loosen the LED one turn to decrease the tension on the neck of the tube.

The LED light accelerator is completely safe and should continue to work for up to  three months. 

Unscrew the cap of the BlanX White Shock tube and take off the safety seal
Take the BlanX LED out of the box and screw it onto the tube taking care not to use too much pressure
Unscrew the cap to use the product
The special and patented BlanX LED light will shine on the toothpaste while it is being placed onto the toothbrush immediately activating the whitening action of ActiluX®.
You can also use the LED light directly on your teeth, the more light they receive the whiter they will get!

Once you have finish the toothpaste you can screw the BlanXLED accelerator onto a new BlanX White Shock tube, both 75 and 50ml