BlanX Whiteness


Whitening Effect

The natural whitening effect of BlanX originates from a combination of two key elements. Firstly, the Arctic Lichen extract formulation which is able to fight bacteria, plaque and stains whilst soothing and disinfecting the gum tissue, with characteristics which guarantee maximum hygiene without any abrasion. Secondly the fluoride salts which reinforce the enamel, enhancing the brightness of your teeth, whilst protect the oral cavity from bacteria.

The whitening effect of BlanX is documented.

Anti-bacterial Action

Bacteria is produced through adhesive substance which causes them to stick to the surface of teeth causing an increase in the formation of plaque. The exclusive formulation of BlanX contains active ingredients with high anti-bacterial properties which are able to drastically reduce the proliferation of bacteria whilst protecting the tooth enamel. The anti-plaque action of BlanX has been proven through various in vitro tests, to be active against the micro-organisms which are responsible for teeth cavities and is able to reduce cavities forming. 



A good whitening toothpaste has the ability to become a customary hygiene tool which can be used long-term and guarantees a high toleration rate that is biocompatible for both the teeth and the gingival mucosa.

BlanX toothpaste is formulated with a calibrated blend of high-quality silica, with a particular granulomere that at the same time allow thorough cleansing and optimal respect for tooth enamel, with a low RDA. 
BlanX toothpaste has been formulated with the maximum regard for the physiology of the tooth and has undergone scrupulous tolerability tests. 

The BlanX-o-metre is a tool that comes within the BlanX product packaging.

You can use it to measure the whiteness of your teeth. Teeth’s enamel colour varies from person to person according to their lifestyle and age, which is why our BlanX-o-metre shows 3 colours tones in various gradations.

Directions for use:
The perforated line helps you to tear the BlanX-o-metre from the side of the packaging. Simple press on the sport marked with an arrow and rip along the perforated line. By placing the BlanX-o-metre next to your teeth it is easy to identify the colour tone closest to your enamel. Mark the colour of your enamel on the BlanX-o-metre before you starting using your BlanX products. Day after day you are able to measure and gauge the improving whiteness of your teeth. 

Arctic Lichens


The success of BlanX toothpaste is down to its scientific research and natural traditions.

During an expedition to the North Pole, a few scientist noticed that the local populations had extraordinarily white and healthy teeth.
Their only oral hygiene consisted of rubbing their teeth with a lichen that grew abundantly at those latitudes.

Lichens are plant organisms that are capable of drawing energy from solar radiation. They can live in extreme conditions, colonising in uncontaminated lands, such as Arctic terrains, because they have to survive in highly stressful conditions, they produce many special substances for their own protection, including natural antibacterial substances..

The active ingredients in lichen only act against the type of micro-organisms that damage teeth and build plaque.

Lichen extract can control the amount of bacteria present on your teeth helping to prevent plaque that leads to tooth discolouration. 

From this observation, the Italian researcher studies were able to isolated the active ingredients present in Arctic Lichen allowing BlanX to create its unique toothpaste in terms of effectiveness and protection. 


The new frontier white. Actilux®


Every day, our teeth are attacked by organic molecules and bacteria that cause dirt, yellowing and bad smells. Actilux® naturally fights these to restore the whiteness and radiance of your smile.

A simple and effective action.
Thanks to its micro-crystals, Actilux® binds to the enamel of your teeth during regular brushing, creating an invisible barrier that blocks the causes of yellowing. Its photocatalytic active ingredient lasts all day and is activated by natural light, thus destroying dirt molecules and naturally whitening your teeth.

The secret is light. Natural light activates and recharges Actilux®, and in this  way it does not damage your teeth, instead wiping away the "bad" dirt molecules, keeping your mouth clean and your gums hydrated.

Day after day, with each smile, thanks to the joint effort of light and Actilux®, your teeth are whitened and they regain their natural radiance!