Blanx Pro Pure White


Blanx Pro Pure White

The essence of BlanX improved with enzymesBlanX Pure White defends tooth whitening, removing stains from the surface of the enamel and fighting the oral cavity bacteria. Available in 75 ml and 25 ml sizes.


From BlanX research, the new non-abrasive toothpaste was born, with a whitening and antibacterial action that returns to your smile its natural shine and a persistent white.

The unique synergy between Arctic Lichens, non-abrasive Silicas and Enzymes protects and remineralises the mineral enamel content, preventing the plaque adhesion and dental yellowing and preserving its equilibrium; it also counteracts bacterial proliferation that can cause tartar, plaque and tooth decay.

Arctic lichens:
Lichen extract has been identified as a substance, usnic acid, useful in the protection of the mucous membranes and the teeth. Usnic acid possesses a very important bacteriostatic action as it is able to neutralize most of the bacterial charge, with particular reference to Streptococcus mutans, which is responsible for the formation of caries.
Non-abrasive silica:
The Blanx toothpastes have been formulated with great respect to the tooth physiology, with a particular granulometry, which allows at the same time to have a high cleaning effect and to respect the integrity of the dental enamel with a low degree of abrasion (RDA - Relative Dentin Abrasivity ).
Bromelina and Papaina degrade the protein film on the tooth surface (biofilm), thus helping to remove stains, preventing reformation; They are therefore able to counteract bacterial proliferation and, consequently, restore white and tooth health for a protective action.

How To Use:
Brush your teeth as usual and rinse after use. Use at least 2 times a day, after main meals. Measure the white of your teeth with the BlanXometer inside the packs.


It is a Medical Device CE 0038450
Read warnings and instruction for use 
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